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Quotes "After researching far & wide for the most advanced and effective wellness technologies, I believe I have finally found the most effective system with the Arasys Inch Loss System. When I had only completed three treatments out of a series of twelve, I could tell that not only did the Arasys III significantly increase the tone of my major muscle groups, but my skin also already felt smoother, firmer, and yet softer to the touch. I would urge everyone to try it Quotes
Gregory A. Lane, D. C., CA
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Quotes "I look and feel 10 years younger and can only feel compliments by comments people make when they see me - I almost want to keep it a secret!? Quotes
Jane Cooper

Quotes Non Surgical Lifting Treatments I have investigated nonsurgical face and body lifting treatments over the past five years. They involve the use of microcurrent to stimulate the dermis, or deep layer of live skin cells where lymph, blood circulation, and nerve fibres function. Microcurrent lifting has been used for the past twenty years in medical treatments. As a nonsurgical lift; microcurrent stimulation of circulation and lymph drainage in the dermis increases the efficiency of nutrient absorption and at the same time speeds up the elimination of waste impurities which clog and congest the cells. The best treatment I have found is Perfector. The recommended course is ten microcurrent treatments over two or three weeks and a booster treatment monthly to keep up the effects. Quotes
Arasys Perfector
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  • "Arasys is the best! I got two sessions done and lost 7 inches on my buddha belly! I had accumulated quite the pot belly from drinking, yes, drinking. It was so bad that people w..."
  • "I love my Arasys treatments! I have seen such a difference in my bottom and lifting. It was hard to accept that this type of exercise could work but it does!! It is like my secr..."

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