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  1. What is it?

    The Arasys Inch-Loss System  is a spa treatment that aims at burning fat and decreasing inches from your waistline. Gerry Pollock  founded the technology that makes the Arasys Inch-Loss System possible. Though the system appears to be very similar to those muscle stimulator belts they used to advertise on infomercials (you know the ones- “get a six pack while eating a cheeseburger”;) it’s actually much more complex.

    Whereas those cheap electric muscle stimulators would send an electric impulse to muscle cells (resulting in a twitch of the muscle), the Arasys device sends signals to muscle neurons and therefore, simulates the signals that the brain sends to the muscles during exercise. This results in full contractions of the muscle being stimulated, which resembles natural, physical exercise much more closely than a simple twitch.

    Because the Arasys device uses some rather nifty technology, the only way to experience its magical fat-burning powers is to set up a session with a trained professional, most likely at a medical spa. Basically, a session involves moist, sponge-like pads which are applied to the weight-loss target and then carry the frequency waveform, which goes as high as 1000 Hz. The patient will feel subtle vibrations of the wave, which causes the muscles to contract.

    Also, the body reacts differently to varying frequencies. 200 Hz accelerates muscle building and boosts strength and performance; 400 Hz provides inch loss, tightens abs, contours buttocks, and promotes healthy lymphatic drainage; 600 Hz helps to tighten loose skin, revitalizes the body, and diminishes the appearance of cellulite; and 1000 Hz provides skin rejuvenation and skin toning

  2. Who needs it?

    The Arasys Inch-Loss System is ideal for those who have tight schedules.  And  it’s a great way to start getting back in shape after years of neglecting exercise. Other likely candidates that will benefit from Arasys are athletes (as it helps to build muscle and increase stamina), post-pregnant women, and almost everyone!!!!!

  3. Benefits

    There are some pretty sweet benefits to using Arasys. First of all, it (more or less) adequately substitutes for physical exercise, which is probably the only benefit people will need to hear in order to be intrigued. But it’s also relatively quick (17 minutes is probably the longest a session would last) and painless (some people even consider the vibrations soothing).

    The Arasys Inch-Loss System can also be beneficial in ways that typical exercise cannot be. For instance, physical exercise requires glucose and therefore, glucose levels drop during the course of a work-out. Arasys successfully avoids such problems, as it doesn’t require any physical activity. This also prevents lactic acid from building up in the muscles, which occurs when glucose is low in body. Lastly, Arasys is a good way to target specific muscles you want to tone, which can sometimes be difficult during routine exercise.

  4. Risks

    There are no serious risks involved with the Arasys Inch-Loss System, though it should be noted that treatments are not suitable replacements for cardiovascular activity.


    The Arasys Inch-Loss System is a fantastic invention that is low-risk and will help you get in shape. The only way it could possibly get any better is if it also had the capacity to make soft-serve ice cream. Oh well, there’s always Arasys IV.


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  1. Perfector

    Perfector provides the ultimate Non-surgical Facelift through cellular resonance, along with cell regeneration. The six-stage treatment includes lymphatic drainage, circulation boost, cell regeneration and ionisation of marine-sourced collagen into the skin.

  2. How Does it Work?

    International director of research and development, Dr Xanya Sofra-Weiss, who specialises in anti-ageing and who heads up research on both sides of the Atlantic, has proved that tissue-building does not occur with higher micro-current and frequency levels.

    Using this research, the company has striven to match the normal charge in skin cells, which gives maximum lift and provides the following:

    •Neck lift

    •Firming and Toning

    •Skin glow and Freshness

    •Removal of dark circles and puffiness

    •Resulting in Wrinkle Reduction and Younger skin.


    8,500 doctors around the world and 1,870 VIPs including famous actors, singers and politicians, own the Perfector. Perfector was built on the basis of complex waveforms developed in London University. It is presently manufactured in the UK with first grade components by UK's top electronic technicians and carries the CE mark. Perfector has been constantly upgraded on the basis of the evolving field of molecular science and electronics. In 2006, we added four nanocurrent programs. Perfector’s proprietary programs were built with meticulous attention to detail in an effort to create an artificial language that will not invade or disturb the body's harmonious functioning. The body has a choice to accept or receive signals. Generally speaking, incoming signals that cause disharmony are eliminated. Computer technology has been very successful in the arena of digital language but to our knowledge, it is only the Perfector software that have developed such a sophisticated digital language via the device's waveform formation. Perfector’s digital language has been refined by its high definition signal. Its Londong University developers have managed to minimize noise while utilizing compact clearly delineated, “high definition” waveforms and constant current.We are invested in offering treatments that are relaxing, comfortable and painless, with no down time.

  4. Perfector Non-Surgical Face Lift

    Perfector is a more natural, non-invasive alternative to the surgical face-lift. It delivers low frequency micro currents to heal and regenerate tissue for a corrective and preventive anti-aging treatment.

    The effects are instant, painless and long-lasting.

    Unlike micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels, which take off layers of the skin, the Perfector treatment actually builds up skin layers by healing and encouraging cell revival and regeneration of tissue. And unlike muscle stimulators, Perfector, offers long lasting results.

    Based on 30 years of micro-current research that was initiated on Bell's palsy and burn victims, Perfector is based on the Nobel Peace Prize winning discovery that the cell membrane contains a specific amount of electricity. Only Perfector offers the cell the exact amount of electricity needed for skin regeneration by automatically adjusting the electrical impulse depending on your skin type and thickness.

    The Perfector is rated the safest method for skin rejuvenation. It is also the only non-surgical treatment that can be administered to delicate eye skin, making it an excellent solution for puffiness, dark circles and crow's feet.

    Perfector quickly and easily:

    • Erases wrinkles

    • Heals Melasma

    • Thickens thin skin by regenerating tissue

    • Heals Rosasea

    • Removes discolorations, pregnancy mask

    • Heals acne and sun spots better than lasers

    • Diminishes scars

    • Removes pigmentations and other related skin disorders

    • Closes open pores and improves skin quality

    • Firms and tones the skin

    • Erases dark circles and puffiness



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The Company

  1. The Company

    Perfector has worked closely with a specialist in Microcurrent treatments at London University Hospital plus a specialist firm of electronic engineers supplying the NHS and private sector with medical equipment. The Mark 4 system also conforms to EU Health and Safety and emission controls, and carries the CE mark. It supplies current via medically approved I.E.C. inlet S/F, and is isolated from the mains supply to British Standard BS5724

  2. The Technology Behind Arasys Perfector

    Arasys uses the same waveform technology in pacemakers to smoothly pulse the body muscles and not electrical currents to twitch or jerk them. The waveforms used in pacemaker technology must smoothly flex the heart muscles to get the heart to work normally. Using this technology, Arasys flexes the muscles the same way they flex physical exercise, only that in seventeen effortless minutes you get remarkable inch loss and muscle building.

    The Arasys waveform is a composite of 1,000 waveforms which were researched individually in the laboratories of London University. This compact square waveform is specifically designed to mimic brain waves so that the muscle tissue is made to believe that it is performing a muscle-toning workout. Arasys can be placed on almost any muscle group on the body and, if used regularly and combined with a sensible diet will fight the flab without having to go to the gym.

    Arasys is particularly effective in tightening loose muscles following C-Sections or pregnancies and Arasys has been extensively used as a body builder and sports injury machine.

    Safe & Effective

    Arasys is registered by the FDA as a Class I device which is the very safest classification and other Class I devices are elastic bandages and surgical gloves.

    This means that it is proven extraordinarily safe with no significant dangers for normal people.

    Remember, the Arasys machines use microcurrent which is less than one-thousandth the current of a standard electrotherapy device like as those used every day in physical therapy clinics.



    Microcurrent Stimulation Therapy is a new form of electric medicine used to naturally and safely stimulate the skin and muscles with subtle sub-sensory levels of electric currents that encourage cell growth, renewal and healing.

    Arasys Development

    Gerry Pollock, the co-inventor of the pacemaker, originally designed the Arasys system at London University in 1994, for the prevention of muscle wasting conditions that cause muscle atrophy and medical conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis. Once released into the medical community, a team of female practitioners conducted clinical trial on the Arasys with patients that had given birth naturally, three months earlier. After one Arasys treatment, measurable inch loss was reported. With repeated treatments, the medical reports showed these patients experienced muscle building, toning and inch loss. The results were shared with other medical institutions as well as spas and salons. Arasys is recognised throughout Europe as one of the most effective, comfortable body shaping systems available in the market.

    Thereafter, an upgraded version known as the Arasys II was designed and introduced specifically for the beauty industry. Arasys II featured additional programs geared toward cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage and microcurrent stimulation for chronic and acute pain.

    In 2004, after 17 years of research, Pollock developed Arasys III at the Innova Science Park in the UK, a prestigious research center funded by the European Community where most European Universities conduct their research.

    After appropriate testing and FDA clearance, the Arasys III was introduced to the U.S. market in March 2004.

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