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Perfector provides the ultimate Non-surgical Facelift through cellular resonance, along with cell regeneration. The six-stage treatment includes lymphatic drainage, circulation boost, cell regeneration and ionisation of marine-sourced collagen into the skin.

How Does it Work?

International director of research and development, Dr Xanya Sofra-Weiss, who specialises in anti-ageing and who heads up research on both sides of the Atlantic, has proved that tissue-building does not occur with higher micro-current and frequency levels.

Using this research, the company has striven to match the normal charge in skin cells, which gives maximum lift and provides the following:

  • Neck lift
  • Firming and Toning
  • Skin glow and Freshness
  • Removal of dark circles and puffiness
  • Resulting in Wrinkle Reduction and Younger skin.

It  involves the use of microcurrent to stimulate the dermis, or deep layer of live skin cells where lymph, blood circulation, and nerve fibres function.

Microcurrent lifting has been used for the past twenty years in medical treatments. As a nonsurgical lift; microcurrent stimulation of circulation and lymph drainage in the dermis increases the efficiency of nutrient absorption and at the same time speeds up the elimination of waste impurities which clog and congest the cells.

The recommended course is ten microcurrent treatments over 5  weeks and a booster treatment monthly to keep up the effects. £40.00 per treatment pay as you go. or a Course of 10 for £300.00 save £100.00

The number of treatments depends on skin condition, age and lifestyle. As a general guide, a course of 10 is recommended.

When you consider the cost of a facelift that can leave you looking stretched and slightly unnatural. Perfector treatments are a small investment.

Treatments using this microcurrent machine are a serious investment in your  anti-aging campaign to look and feel as good as you can for the rest of your life.



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